Networking in Lincoln Nebraska

Networking to Uncover the Best Jobs in Lincoln Nebraska

It used to be that job leads just presented themselves naturally. Times have changed and so have the ways in which people find the best job leads out there. Though you may have been lucky in the past, you have to really work for it this day and age. Some people seem to stumble upon job leads, but that’s certainly not the norm. In this job market, you must really get creative and search for the best leads out there. Continue reading

Job Chamber iPad2 contest winner

And the Winner is…Jennifer Koolen!

The winner is Jennifer Koolen! We want to say thank you to Jennifer and all the other contestants for taking the time to enter into the contest. We were so excited about the response that we decided to pull more names. Yes…not only did Jennifer win–there were 4 other people pulled from the jar and are winners. There’s a total of 5! No, not all of them won iPad2′s. We are a start up! Our piggy bank can’t hold that sorta cash. The 2nd and 3rd places won a “cool athletic vintage v-neck job chamber t-shirt” (mouth full). Fourth and 5th place won $10 gift cards from Starbucks. Continue reading

How to actually win a job.

Job Interview Follow Up: Thank You: Part 5

If you have ever underestimated how important follow up is within the interviewing process, then this may have cost you the job. If you think about how many candidates a hiring manager see on a daily basis, you realize very quickly how important your immediate communication can be. This is your chance to show them you are serious about the opportunity. As well, you show you are in fact the right candidate for the job. So what exactly makes for a good follow up after the interview? Continue reading

Lincoln Nebraska Interview

Interviewing Skills to Win Employers Over: Part 4

You may think you have a handle on interviewing skills, but you can always learn more. When you are faced with that all important interview, you want to be sure to wow them no matter what and you can! You want to be prepared, you want to know your stuff, and you want to go in and show them beyond a shadow of a doubt you are the right person for the job. This does take some preparation and therefore learning the best skills can really help you in the process. Continue reading

Resume Writing that Wins You the Job

Resume Writing That Will Win Them Over: Part 3

You will hear many things about effective resume writing, but when you boil it down it’s quite simple to be effective. First and foremost you want to take inventory of what you have done throughout your career. This is your way of portraying who you are in a snapshot and may be one of your only chances to win them over. Be diligent in explaining your accomplishments and speak to who you are professionally speaking. With these tips you are bound to have the resume that will wow them instantly! Continue reading

iPad2 Contest

iPad2 Contest: B2B Show 2011

If you aren’t in…get in! We are giving away a sweet new iPad 2. Of course there are a few rules that apply. It’s not much, but we would like to get a little close and personal with you. So it’s gonna take you loosening up and getting to know us. So enough talk. First things first. The rules. Or better yet–some necessary must have to win the iPad2.

Continue reading

Cover Letter Writing

The Key to a Successful Cover Letter: Part 2

Believe in the Cover Letter

If you don’t believe that a cover letter can move you forward in the hiring process, then you are neglecting a very important element. This is your one chance to wow a hiring manager prior to the interview. This is your one document that can show your personality and dedication to the process. This one document can move you forward and get you the interview!

Continue reading

Online Job Search in Lincoln NE

Making the Job Search Work for You: Part 1

Many who set out on a job search can find it to be a frustrating process. This is the wrong attitude to adapt, no matter where in the process you are. There are many things to consider as you set out to find yourself the right job. Even if you are unemployed though, your attitude and efforts can have much to do with your success. If you want to make the job search more successful this time around then set out on a journey armed with the tools and attitude that will help you. Continue reading

Content is Coming Tomorrow for Job Chamber

Stay tuned! Tomorrow we have our first starter series. Tons of great information and tips to get you on the right track to getting a really awesome job. You should be so excited! We are!

There will also be a free eBook title “Getting The Job You’ve Always Wanted” coming later this week. Yes, it’s free. You will be able to download it and view instantly. Don’t miss it. We have a ton of great topics to cover.

Now, as for the articles. The series is, of course, all about “Getting The Job You’ve Wanted” in Lincoln Nebraska. It’s a 5 part series that will get posted every Tuesday and Thursday. You should set you alarms or gadgets to be reminded to read the awesomeness. Titles are:

  1. Making the Job Search Work for You
  2. The Key to a Successful Cover Letter
  3. Resume Writing That Will Win Them Over
  4. Interviewing Skills to Win Them Over
  5. Follow Up Within the Interviewing Process

Stay tuned and tell all your buddies that Job Chamber is giving away free information.

Job Chamber Beta is Ready!

Hello Lincolnites,

We are so excited that we have reached the beta phase for Job Chamber. We are the new and exciting online job search site for the local area. That’s right. It’s simply just in your area! We’ve launched and would like for you to browse around and play with the site and try to break it. If you can, we will have you fix it. Ha! Kidding. But seriously, we need you to make sure all the dots are crossed and the t’s are dotted.

Employeers…post your jobs! Job seekers…post your resumes. Job Chamber will be the place where you can seriously get excited about searching for your next job or just getting educated on how to build your personal brand and creative value for your existing or soon to be employeer.

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